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Learning Throught Reflection on Doing

Beyond the confines of a traditional classroom, outdoor education offers rich and impactful learning opportunities to young minds. By being actively engaged in an environment outside their comfort zones, students learn how to push past their own limitations, learn new skills, gain self confidence, learn the value of teamwork, and gain appreciation for the wonders of mother nature...

We NURTURE - to support and encourage during the period of training and development process
We apply ETHICS - we apply principle of sustainable outdoor practices and international standards, we are moving towards ISO 21101, 21102, 21103 Adventure Tourism .
We develop SKILLS - we ensure the ability to do activities safe, well competent and excellence and able to learn new skills.
We believe TENACITY - something you work hard for “determination and persistence”
Welcome to THE NEST, the first Outdoor Adventure Academy under one roof ! .

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Adventure Based Learning

Fishing Academy, Kayaking Academy and Archery Academy

Green Project

Recycle Project, Adopt and Plan A Plant or Growth Your Own Vegetables


Knife Handling, Camping Ropes, Wilderness First Aid, Navigation, Backpacking, Camping Cooking, .

Camping Fundamental

Camping 101, Top 10 A MUST Equipment, Top 10 Basic Skills

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Bush Craft Activity

Knife Handling, Fire Making, Navigation, Wilderness First Aid, Camping Ropes, Cooking, Backpacking

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Recreational Sport

Kayaking Academy , Fishing Academy, Archery Academy, Orienteering Academy.

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Sustainable Conservation

Green Plastic Project, Bamboo Project, Adopt A Plan/Vegi

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Eco Green School Academy

Field Trip, IGCSE, IB Diploma, A-LEVEL

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Wilderness Medical Courses

Wilderness CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Advance First Aid, Wilderness First Responder.

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Our Team

At GAC Teams we bring unique insights from the adventure, education and business worlds and combine them with an engaging approach to deliver results.


Brandon Chee
CEO/Business Development

His easy-going demeanour and ability to reach out to people allows Brandon to effectively bridge generation gaps found in teams, break barriers of communication, and bring out the best performance in people, inciting commitment and motivation. He also has a strong interest in bush craft camping, green environmental development, human capital, wilderness medical, risk management, conservation activities (flora fauna), history and culture, and is able to provide his clients with insights into the local’s way of life..


Wan Zaim Wan Idris aka Nacho
COO/Programme Operation

He takes great care in designing training programs and events which involves transformation and enhancement of skills through experiential and value based learning. Zaim believes in long-term tangible change in the way people do things, and his training programs are both intellectually and emotionally challenging. Using outdoors as a vehicle for learning, where the learning is experiential and where genuine input involving success and failure will achieve lasting impact where it matter most..


Yee Yoke Chuan
CFO/Programme Developer

What makes our training program and events impactful is his dedication to the growth of the participants and to the customization of the training programs or event to fit the exact needs of each organizations at every participant level - be it entry level, mid-level management to the top senior management.